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Concrete Admixtures and Other Products

Cellulose Ethers:

The most important feature of this chemical is its water retention. Cellulose draws water into its environment and captures a certain amount of water for a certain period of time, thus allowing the working time of the mortar to be adjusted. during the application, we have the opportunity to work for a longer time. It improves the consistency of the mortar and facilitates the carding process and increases the slip resistance of the mortar. viscosity values are important according to the property of the product, especially in plaster and joints, low viscosity should be preferred.
    Cellulose is an environmentally friendly, water-soluble natural polymer which is the first source of wood and obtained from cotton cellulose and has 30-65% hydrogen bond in crystal form among its molecules.
    After the chemical process called etherification, mecellose is converted to water-soluble nonionic cellulose ether

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