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Sodium Silicate
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Fireproof Solution

GENFİL® Protec (Fire extinguishing Foam material.)

Genfil protec, which is a new technological product in fire extinguishing, is effective in all kinds of fire extinguishing and increases the extinguishing power of water. When sprayed as foam, the extinguishing effect increases even more. It mixes completely with water, does not precipitate. It can be used by filling the fire tubes easily.

Due to its film-making feature, it has a strength property of 1 to 6 hours depending on the concentration ratio. It has high adhesion and adhesion to the surface.

It is effective in fuel, chemical substance fires, extinguishes, cools the fire and cleans oil and fuel pollution.

In fuel and chemical fires, it extinguishes the fire and also minimizes the risk of explosion. It wraps around the hydrocarbon particles by micronizing water during quenching. It penetrates deep into the fire, completely eliminating the contact of hydrocarbon with oxygen, takes the heat of the fire and does not burn any more by expelling it through evaporation. It also reduces the toxic and irritating effects of the smoke generated during fire. Thanks to its high cooling feature, it is also used in metal fires.

Genfil Protec is a biological fire extinguisher made from the sap of plants and plant resins, while extinguishing the fire, it also keeps the water surface on the water by encapsulating oil-borne contamination and biodegrades. Genfil protec can be completely biodegradable, as well as petroleum-derived substances biodegradable and prevent re-combustion.
It is diluted with Genfil Protec Water and used at the rate of 2-6% according to fire classes. One product is sufficient for all fire types. Genfil Protec It has no harmful effects on natural life. It is an environmentally friendly, recyclable product.



GENFİL Protec Foaming Agent is filled with 2% - 6% water in accordance with the purpose of use and filled into the fire extinguisher tube. Foam is created with (Air system) in the tube.
In case it is produced with foam production generator, Solution is created by mixing 2% - 2,5% Concentrated Genfil Foaming agent into the water. This solution is passed through the foam machine to form foam.
The foam is squeezed on the burning substance and traps the fire.
The minerals in the foam adhere to the surface of the burning substance through enzymes. It prevents the reburning of the flammable substance by disrupting the hydrocarbon structure.
It consists of resin-based, enzyme-based, active minerals developed with NANO technology for extinguishing hydrocarbon fires. It is organic and does not harm the environment.



Foam is concentrated liquid.
Mixing of foam material with water 2% - 6%.
The foam formed by the pressurized water mixture does not deteriorate at high temperature.
Depending on its concentration, the foam has the feature of waiting 6 hours vertically and horizontally.


Usage areas

Ports and Piers,
Tanker Filling - Unloading Areas,
Storage Areas,
Production Fields,
Chemical Process Fields,
Aircraft Hangars,
Military Facilities,
Energy Production Areas,
Overseas Platforms,
Forest Fire extinguishing.
Civil defense,
Fire Brigade Organizations,

Technical specifications

Product structure Vegetable resin based
Color:  Black
Density :1.05 kg / Lt
PH : 6.5 - 7.5
Usage rate : 2% - 6%
Shelf Life: (concentrated) 2 years

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