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Concrete Admixtures and Other Products
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Appearance: Transparent, Colorless, Odorless
Chemical Name: Sodium Silicate
Chemical Formula: Na4O4Si
Packaging: 30 kg drum and 1000 kg IBC

Usage areas:

   Sodium silicate is a chemical compound of the formula Na2O (SiO2). Sodium silicate is a substance known as liquid solution glass. Its general form is colorless. However, they may be green or blue in color with foreign materials in their commercially used derivatives. Sodium silicate is frequently used in the cement industry, textiles, timber processing industry, automobiles, and refractory materials. It is produced by the reaction of sodium carbonate and silicon dioxide.
Sodium silicate is a colorless and clear structure. This material, also known as water glass or water-soluble glass, is subjected to different classifications according to its crystal structure. The classification method is X-ray diffraction method. When mixed with water, it has a structure similar to syrup.
   Sodium silicate is the raw material of silica gels. In addition, it is frequently used in detergent making, cement structure for glass, ceramic and pottery making, fireproof paper making, wood processing industry, cement processing industry, dyeing and printing of garments. It is also a good binder adhesive for bonding cardboard and molding sand.

Usage areas:

• Silica gel production
• Detergent structuring and cleaning of dirt during the prevention of sedimentation
• Peroxide as a stabilizer in the textile industry and paper production
• As an ink solvent
• Welding rod as a connector
• In order to disrupt the liquefaction and coagulation of clay in ceramic production
• As a fireproof paper catalyst
• Hardening of concrete
• Acid-proof structure of concrete
• Wood processing
• Water treatment and prevention of clotting
• Ph regulator in the textile industry
• Sodium silicate is used in the packaging of minerals in mining.

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